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Brett T Logan <brett.t.logan@...>

You have a space between `--config=` and the file name. So it's parsing the file name as a flag, not as an input to a flag.
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Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2020 8:08 PM

Thank you for your kind reply, Dr Dave.

However, I think there are still differences between first-network in v2.1 and test-network in v2.2.

When I check the files in v2.2, I find crypto-config-org1.yaml and crypto-config-org2.yaml in fabric-samples/test-network/organizations/cryptogen
like this case:



├── ccp-template.json

├── ccp-template.yaml

├── cryptogen

│   ├── crypto-config-orderer.yaml

│   ├── crypto-config-org1.yaml

│   └── crypto-config-org2.yaml

└── fabric-ca

    ├── ordererOrg

    │   ├── fabric-ca-server-config.yaml

    │   └── msp

    │       ├── cacerts

    │       ├── keystore


    │       │   ├── 8aea93a28ac65c9141fc585a3eaa5599dec929d183dcacaecd993b52a121711a_sk

/Then I do the operation on the tips of

../../../bin/cryptogen generate --config= crypto-config-org1.yaml 


And then the following error appears:

cryptogen: error: unexpected crypto-config-org1.yaml, try --help


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