Re: Pulling chaincode related image from a private registry #fabric-chaincode #docker #hyperledger-fabric

Gari Singh <garis@...>

There is no support for authenticating to a Docker registry within the peer.
Iy your private registry requires authentication, then you will need to pull the images on the host where the Docker daemon is running prior to running your peer(s).

With Fabric 2.x, you could implement support for this by writing your own external builder / launcher. See

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Hi Team, for the chaincode instantiation we pull the images dynamically from the docker hub. However, let's say if I have chaincode related images (e.g. fabric-ccenv, fabric-baseos, etc.) on a private registry, then how shall the peer code *validate or authenticate* to the registry? Is there any setting in core.yaml or other configuration changes that we can make to achieve that?

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