Test cases for Chaincode written with fabric-contract-api

Abhijeet Bhowmik <abhijeet@...>

Dear all,

Hope everyone is doing well. I have run into a dire situation where I have a bulk of chaincode written but can't find a way to do offline testing. Earlier we used fabric-shim for cc development but now switched to fabric-contract-api due to cleanliness and easy handling of chaincode. But, what we used earlier to write test ''@theledger/fabric-mock-stub" now no longer works as it expects ChaincodeInterface and what we have is a class extending Contract class. So now the question arises, how could we do it for Contract API? Deploying untested chaincode is unaffordable. I have gone through documentation, online forums and other helpful resources but to no avail. Please advise.

Thank you. Regards.
Abhijeet Bhowmik

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