Documentation Workgroup: Agenda for Friday, 26 June

Anthony O'Dowd <a_o-dowd@...>

Hi All,

We will hold the documentation workgroup calls this Friday -- with both an Eastern hemisphere and Western hemisphere call. Please feel free to come along, you're always very welcome.

The whole workgroup would like to thank Nik Gupta for his amazing work over the recent years on Hyperledger Fabric documentation.  Nik has taken a new role in IBM which means that unfortunately he'll no be able to contribute to the workgroup, both in terms of technical content and direction.  We wish Nik the very best in his new role and thank him again for his outstanding contributions. Thank you Nik.

You can read about last week's calls at You'll see significant minutes for both the Eastern and Western hemisphere calls, and recordings for both sessions. Our Eastern and Western hemisphere calls are very well attended at the moment -- thanks to all for your contributions and collaboration.

Our Eastern hemisphere had excellent contributions from the Japanese and Malayalam working group teams.  We reviewed the new i18n repository structure and how to use it. Our Japanese, Brazilian, Malayalam and Chinese language teams are now populating this repository, which is great to see.  You will see that the language workgroups are already starting to grow: Please feel free to connect with these teams if you're interested in language translations.

Our Western hemisphere call kept us up to date with these as we approach 2.2! Pam and Joe always give us a great release summary, allow you to quickly get a perspective on the new release. The i18n language repository was discussed, and after the maintainers meeting this week, we'll be discussing translation processes in more detail tomorrow, both on the western and eastern hemisphere calls.  Renato shared excellent progress on Brazilian Portuguese. David led a great discussion on when we can start a Contribution campaign to encourage more writers to start to contribute, which could include a contribute-a-thon, videos and more: There was a lively discussion on deprecated content and how it might be best structured in the docs with great suggestions from Jim, Pam and Chris.

You can catch up with the full recordings and other sessions:

See for this week's agenda for the eastern and western hemisphere calls.

Please feel free to contribute using the wiki, including helping to build next week's agenda:


Pam, Anthony,  Joe

Meeting Details
Please use the following link to attend the meeting:

The meeting times are as follows:

Meeting 134A: Friday 26 June
                   1130 India Standard Time
                   1400 China Standard Time
                   1500 Japan Standard Time
                   1700 Australia Eastern Time
                   1400 Singapore Time
                   1100 Gulf Standard Time
                   1000 Moscow Standard Time
                   0700 Greenwich Mean Time
                   0800 Central European Time    

Meeting 134B: Friday 26 June
              1100 Central Daylight Time
                   1200 Eastern Daylight Time
                   0900 Pacific Daylight Time
                   1400 Brasil Time (BRT)
                   1600 Greenwich Mean Time
                   1700 Central European Time
                   1800 Moscow Standard Time

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