Homebrew Fabric Archival Proposal

Brett T Logan <brett.t.logan@...>

Hello Everyone,
As analytics tell us, most of you probably DON'T know, but Fabric has a repository github.com/hyperledger/homebrew-fabric which hosts a homebrew tap for installing the fabric-binaries. This has existed for years, though we haven't advertised it. We recently took a look at the homebrew analytics for it and discovered since its inception it has only been installed less than a dozen times.
We've are proposing to retire the repository due to its low traction. We are proposing a two-week grace-period that would see the repo archived on July 9th. If you want to voice opinions on this archival, please do so now so we can discuss compelling reasons why we might keep this around.
Thank you,
Brett Logan
Software Engineer, IBM Blockchain
Phone: 1-984-242-6890

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