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We try to ensure that we do not do anything which would prevent the code from compiling on platforms supported by Golang.
That being said, the official open source Fabric deliverable is the source code. You are free to use it / compile it how you see fit.
We don't want to be in the business of building and maintaining binaries for every possible platform.

And while we are happy to accept pull requests, historically we find that people will submit a change and then not maintain things going forward.

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Hi Ethan,

You can check out a pull request we had recently around this same request with regard to supporting arm64 which has a lot of information and feedback from the Fabric maintainers:

I think Gari says it best:

The gist of it is, there haven't been a lot of requests for this, and there is more than just providing the images and binaries. In particular, project contributors and maintainers have to commit to fixing any code that may not work on MIPS. Just publishing the images and binaries isn't enough, without a strong commitment from contributors who have a history of contributing to fabric, moving forward with this request is difficult. Providing official artifacts and support for maintaining the code on MIPS is a much much larger undertaking than most realize.

That being said, major requests like this go through an RFC process that is documented here:

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Hi all,
I am Ethan.
Recently I was working on a MIPS-64 based system. The operation system is Debian like os which runs on MIPS-64 based virtual machine. I am going to run fabric on this virtual machine. For now fabric could run on x86 based system. I wonder if there are fabric versions which could run on MIPS-64 based system? And if no, Is there a plan to support this?

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