Re: How to verify RAFT health in HLF version 1.4.4 #raft

Jason Yellick <jyellick@...>

For v1.4.x, there is no metric to check the set of active nodes.  Usually, it's adequate to simply ensure that all OSNs are alive and have been online for a reasonable period of time to ensure that the Raft cluster has all nodes active.

There are ways to detect nodes out of quorum, but it is a little tedious.  When a node is not part of the Raft quorum, it will make services for that channel unavailable, so, you may attempt to pull a block via the Deliver interface from each OSN on a channel, and those which respond with SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE are not active in the Raft cluster currently.

As was pointed out in your original e-mail, the "consensus_etcdraft_active_nodes" metric was added into v2.0 to address this operational aspect.  It was not back-ported to v1.4.x because the code change required new messages on the wire, and was considered to be too invasive for an LTS release.


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