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Michael Steiner



Incidentally, I’ve just run in the same issue recently. While I did figure out the NodeOU config in msp/config.yaml but then run into a subsequent problem: The certs defined by cryptogen do not seem to contain properties allowing mapping to roles using NodeOU and I couldn’t figure out how to do it with cryptogen.  Is it at all possible to associate roles in cryptogen-generated credentials or is that possible only by going to a proper CA (e.g., via the fabric-ca)?




PS: Maybe related to that, I didn’t find anywhere a reference to cryptogen’s config.yaml, the closest being what `cryptogen showtemplate` shows you. Is there any doc (other than the code itself :-) which describes the syntax and semantics of that yaml?


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Does your MSP configuration enable NodeOUs?  See for more details.

If your MSP definition does not enable node OUs, then the '.client' and '.peer' roles can never be satisfied, as the types cannot be distinguished and you must instead compose policies using the '.member' role.



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I'm having a hard time making the user type registered work with the org policies.

I register & enroll an admin user used by the peers at org1.

- &org1

    Name: org1

    ID: org1

    MSPDir: crypto-config/peerOrganizations/org1/msp



        Type: Signature

        Rule: "OR('org1.admin', 'org1.peer', 'org1.client')"

I get the following error from the peer0 log:

2020-06-13 18:11:12.290 UTC [] func5 -> WARN 022 Peer {"CN":"org1-peer1.default.svc.cluster.local","Issuer-CN":"fabric-ca-server","Issuer-L-ST-C":"[]-[]-[US]","Issuer-OU":["Fabric"],"L-ST-C":"[]-[]-[US]","MSP":"org1","OU":["admin","org1"]} isn't eligible for channel mainchannel : implicit policy evaluation failed - 0 sub-policies were satisfied, but this policy requires 1 of the 'Readers' sub-policies to be satisfied

Peer1 from org1 seems to have issues with the policy set.

If I add org1.member to the Readers policy rule & recreate the HF network it works well.

Why does it fail if I don't specify the user type to member?




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