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Santiago Figueroa Lorenzo

Hi, David,

I appreciate your response.

I see your point. I mentioned resource consumption because I am trying to justify using data privacy collection instead of more channels, i.e., I am trying to use data privacy collection to avoid channels, regardless of the use case.The functional requirements are clear, however, do you think it makes sense to justify my point through measurements, e.g., Prometheus metrics, container metrics,  etc.?



On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 7:04 PM David Enyeart <enyeart@...> wrote:

Most people make the decision based on functional and privacy requirements, not resource consumption.

See functional and privacy considerations here:

For example
- If a piece of data is shared among a fixed sets of orgs forever, and never transferred to other orgs, then channels make sense for complete data isolation among the orgs.
- If you want to exchange assets among many organizations, keep asset data private among the current asset owners, but be able to verify history upon a transfer, then a single channel with multiple private data collections (perhaps one per org) would make sense. This is the scenario for the newest Fabric sample:

Dave Enyeart

"Santiago Figueroa Lorenzo" ---06/13/2020 12:30:42 PM---Hi fabric experts, I am trying to establish a comparison of the advantages of using private

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Hi fabric experts,

I am trying to establish a comparison of the advantages of using private data collections over increasing the number of channels. I have been thinking about measuring how much additional resource is consumed in a node as the number of channels increases, compared to the resource consumption by increasing the number of collections that are stored in the private state DB.

I have tried to find some prometheus metrics that would allow me to make another comparison, but I have not found any that can be used for that purpose. I'd appreciate it if anyone has any ideas about that.

Thank you in advance,


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