Re: What are the minimum component requirements for an entity participate in a blockchain network? #network #fabric

Nicholas Leonardi

Just a peer is enough, you don't even need couchdb although it is recommended for fast rich queries. You can use a third-party orderer to send the transactions. 
The steps are:
    1. Generate an identity for that peer with the right certificates
    2. Add it to a channel
    3. Fetch the block of that channel
    4. Join the channel
    5. Install a chaincode package generated and provided by an admin of the channel

Em quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2020 18:22:15 BRT, Rui M. <rainmanmorais@...> escreveu:

Hello everyone,

So my question is exactly that, what are the minimum component requirements for a organization to fully participate in a fabric business network? I mean, is a peer and a couchdb enough? Do all the organizations need to have a peer node and orderer node along with couchdb? Can a organization have 0 components and still be able to participate or interact in any form?

Thanks in advance guys :)

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