How to verify RAFT health in HLF version 1.4.4 #raft



I want to add/remove orderer node in the network. I went through the orderer reconfiguration article.

My question is how can the RAFT health be verified. I need it for two purpose:
1. Before adding/removing node, I need to ensure that RAFT is stable and running.
2. In case of adding orderer node, after adding new orderer node certificate in TLS consenter section, I want to verify the if the RAFT is stable before adding this new orderer node endpoint in ordererAddresses section of configuration block.

I found that in HLF v1.2, a metric "consensus_etcdraft_active_nodes" has been added. As well as, data plane operation has been enhanced
to reject add/remove orderer node if it can lead to instable RAFT cluster. But I could not find anyway in HLF v1.4.4 to verify RAFT health.


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