Re: Windows 10: Bug when installing chaincode using external builders #externalbuilders

Matthew Sykes

Windows is not a supported platform for running the peer node natively. While it may work, it is not tested. We do, however, generally support the cli. Within Fabric, we try very hard to keep the production code base as OS agnostic as possible; we *do not* want to sprinkle a bunch of OS checks throughout the code base.

The line of code you're pointing to is in master and not part of release 2.1. It was added to try to accommodate windows without introducing platform dependencies. The implementation of `LookPath` on Windows looks for the executable by taking into consideration file extensions from the PATHEXT environment variable (if set) or the default list of ".com", ".exe", ".bat", and ".cmd".

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 10:33 AM clubmx7771 via <> wrote:

I'm trying to install chaincode on windows 10 using external builders. I have made detect.bat, build.bat and release.bat scripts. Detect and build scripts are working as expected. Release script is not run. I always get a message
"Skipping release step for 'fabcar:1363e2c060287407039f1f1949dafbc31bba901a1051e5b7488c31cf728c8049' as no release binary found"

Looks like there is a bug in the source code in that part

I'm using hyperledger fabric of version 2.1.0

Matthew Sykes

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