Re: Adding a peer node when no genesis block orderer exist in the channel #fabric-orderer #raft #hyperledger-fabric


@Yacov, I would like to highlight that why aren't we making using of peer CLI command for this? I mean to say that in "peer channel join" command we have an option of specifying the orderer endpoint, right? We should just extend that to be used in the scenario where peer cannot pull blocks from genesis block orderers. Specifying "-o" argument should make the peer pull channel blocks from the specified endpoint instead of looking into config block.

You can run the peer channel join command like follows:
peer channel join -b mychannel.block -o --tls --cafile <ordererTLSCAFile>

The benefit would be: 
  1. The change in core.yaml is permanent like you explained on my JIRA. This feature would be dynamic in nature.
  2. Already running peers could join newer channels dynamically. 
Currently, I tried implementing above feature but peer node does respect the "-o" argument (and yet we have it in the "peer" binary commands). If we are using it in other operations like "invoke" then we should allow this command to run parallel to that, giving a more dynamic nature, instead of making using of core.yaml. 

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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