Intercept Invoke call, rcp error #fabric-questions #network #hyperledger-fabric

Tenci <eagles01@...>


I want to intercept an invoke call (fab1.4, first-network, disabled tls, working on CLI). My idea was to to make use of burp/mitmproxy (listening at to intercept the invoke call to change content of the gRPC msg.

Without TLS, the call started of the CLI Container:

root@52df464e4390:/etc#  peer chaincode invoke -o -C mychannel -n mycc --peerAddresses -c '{"Args":["invoke","a","b","10"]}'


leads to the following error:

Error: error getting endorser client for invoke: endorser client failed to connect to failed to create new connection: connection error: desc = "transport: error while dialing: dial tcp connect: connection refused"


Expected: Arrival of gRPC stream at, which normally is visible (eg. in using wireshark pb decoder) for here. All other IPs leads to the error msg above.



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