You can create new channels and only join peers you want them in these channels. To invoke a chaincode, you will have to know the chaincode method interface such as how many parameters and what each means etc. look at the source code you will see how these methods should be invoked. Adjust -p accordingly. Watch other videos in the series will help.

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, 12:09 AM, p.kirkinezis@... wrote:

First of all thanks for your info and your timeĀ  .

I have some extra question .

  1. Is there a configuration to make specific channel only between specific orgs . For example channel only between Org1 , Org2 and another channel between Org1 , Org3 ?
  2. I tried to add for example the fabcar chaincode but I can't run the invoke command it gives me json marsall error . Maybe i don't get how to input invoke parameters in the command ./minifab invoke -p.

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