Re: Adding story for new feature of 'Ledger checkpoint and pruning/archiving' #fabric


Hi Nekia,

As you may have seen that the stories in FAB-106 are only related to checkpointing. Archiving/Pruning will perhaps better be a separate Epic as it is orthogonal and sizable enough.
Still, yes, we would need to align somewhat on this.

At a high level, the alignment I see is that a Pruning of a channel would leave the channel in a state as if it has been bootstrapped from a snapshot (primilary details in the stories FAB-17689 and FAB-17691) - so that we have the code on the peer that can manage lesser numbers of state of a channel (either bootstrapped from genesis block or from a snapshot) and not more. More details on these stories will follow soon, so you can follow these and consider in your design alignment.


On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 1:52 AM nekia <atsushin@...> wrote:
Hi Manish and Team,

In "FAB-106 Ledger checkpoint and pruning/archiving" feature, can we add another story related to archiving?
We got a chance to share our proposal of block archiving feature in Fabric contributors meeting on the month before last month. In the meeting, we got many useful feedbacks from the community. Based on these feedbacks we've completed the minimum implementation for pruning/archiving feature. You can see high level overview of the implementation here ( ). 
Our current 'pruning/archiving' implementation might not be identical with the specification you expect, but we believe some parts of implementation would be useful with the feature covered in FAB-106. By starting discussion about the detail of 'pruning/archiving feature' requirement in JIRA, we expect to be able to align our implementation to the one the community expects.
We'll share our status in the next contributors meeting again.

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