Re: peer container is down constantly

Matthew Sykes

It's likely a bug. The gossip code is sitting in a select where one case is receiving from an error channel and the other is receiving a message. [1] If, however, an error occurs when converting an envelope to a gossip message, the code isn't returning but falling through to send the nil message and the error. [2] When that happens, the case that fires is non-deterministic.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 3:01 AM Park, Jungil <jungil.park@...> wrote:

Hi Team,


I had issue that peer container is constantly down. It is really random like once every four months.


Here is error message. Could you please help with this why this happen?


Version : HF 1.4.0


2020-04-07 21:50:09.184 UTC [gossip.comm] readFromStream -> WARN 47bb149 Got error, aborting: Failed unmarshaling GossipMessage from envelope: unexpected EOF

panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x8 pc=0xc6ab8e]

goroutine 76685136 [running]:

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x2e*connection).serviceConnection(0xc0018cbb80, 0x126d5a0, 0xc001b27440)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x135*commImpl).GossipStream(0xc001b27440, 0x13856c0, 0xc00fac6640, 0x0, 0x0)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x3c3, 0xc001b27440, 0x1383aa0, 0xc002888c00, 0x40d1d8, 0x30)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0xad, 0xc001b27440, 0x1383aa0, 0xc002888c00, 0x1b, 0x13806fe)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0xf5, 0xc001b27440, 0x1383b00, 0xc002888780, 0xc011ca82e0, 0xc00afe5d10, 0x5e8cd8b4, 0x29cab6cd)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x2b3, 0xc001b27440, 0x1383b00, 0xc002888780, 0x136b2e0, 0x1f51e20)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x9c, 0xc001b27440, 0x1383f20, 0xc0018cb550, 0xc011ca82e0, 0xc00afe5d10, 0xc0061f8c48, 0x40d1d8)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x408, 0xc001b27440, 0x1383f20, 0xc0018cb550, 0xc011ca82e0, 0x126d968, 0x13809e0, 0xc0002d2640)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x14d*Server).processStreamingRPC(0xc001b82180, 0x1387520, 0xc006495980, 0xc004174400, 0xc001924420, 0x1e358c0, 0xc002888630, 0x0, 0x0)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x440*Server).handleStream(0xc001b82180, 0x1387520, 0xc006495980, 0xc004174400, 0xc002888630)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x12a1*Server).serveStreams.func1.1(0xc000be83d0, 0xc001b82180, 0x1387520, 0xc006495980, 0xc004174400)

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0x9f

created by*Server).serveStreams.func1

        /opt/gopath/src/ +0xa1






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Matthew Sykes

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