Re: introduce msp into chaincode for authentication

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Hi Yacov,
    yes, a peer would authenticate the proposal creator, who is a member of  fabric network. But in chaincode container, there is no way to  authenticate an identity who belongs to one client application.  If a chaincode could get CA certificate, it is feasible for chaincode to authenticate identities who belongs to client application. 
   I do not know if I explain it clearly.
   Thank you.
qs meng

At 2020-04-01 14:45:32, "Yacov Manevich" <YACOVM@...> wrote:

The proposal is authenticated by the peer before it gets into the chaincode.

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Date:        04/01/2020 03:26 AM
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [Hyperledger Fabric] introduce msp into chaincode for authentication
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   I suggest to add msp support into chaincode to authenticate identitis  in  client applications. The getCreator api only get the creator and take it as authenticated already.
  A way to do: for an endorsing peer, it has a function to get CA from configure block and autheniticate the transaction creator. Just copy the function to chaicode part. Is it feasible?
  Thank you.
qs meng



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