Unable to revoke a certificate #fabric #hyperledger-fabric #fabric-sdk-node


We could revoke an user successfully. But, unable to update the channel with crl details. We are getting below error 

Unexpected error error applying config update to existing channel 'trusttrace': initializing channelconfig failed: could not create channel Application sub-group config: setting up the MSP manager failed: admin 0 is invalid: could not validate identity against certification chain: The certificate has been revoked

We have followed below standard steps to revoke an user certificate by using node.js fabric library,

1) revoke an user by serial, AKI for a given certificate
serial: serial,
aki: aki
}, adminUser)
2) Generated CRL for the same 
caClient.generateCRL({}, adminUser)
3) fetching the channelconfig  and updating the config with crl
original_config_json.channel_group.groups.Application.groups[orgName].values.MSP.value.config.revocation_list = [crl];
4) computing delta w.r.t modified changes and signing the same with org admin / registrar and updating the channel

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