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I'm not sure I understand the use case. If you have some transaction that the other members on your channel should in no way be party to or have knowledge of, you should have a separate channel on which the parties who have stake in that transaction belong to.
In what scenario would you want to completely exclude the knowledge of a transaction existing entirely when all members have agreed to participate in the consortium? By not including the transaction in a subset of ledgers, you've forked the chain as your ledgers don't hash to the same values as they don't include the same transactions.
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If I have an Org with a lot of other Orgs on one channel, how may ensure privacy within the channel to seeing any evidence of transactions?
ie. if we use PDCs then the data is private but the actual txns with hashes are visible showing some evidence of trade between Orgs. This should also be private. 
Is there a way to achieve this, for example using OUs or multiple MSPs for an Org, or changing something in the channel config?

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