Fabric client not able to communicate with the fabric #hyperledger-fabric #network #tls #raft

Shantharam, Manu


We are testing HLF 1.4.3 in raft configuration with 2 raft orderer nodes and 2 peer nodes. Here's some info:
- TLS enabled (peer and orderers)
- was able install, instantiate and query the chaincode
- communication profile has 2 orderers and 2 peers, tried both grpc and grpcs.

We are having communication issues between the nodejs fabric client and the fabric using:
- when grpc is used in the communication profile, we see " TLS handshake failed with error tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake server=PeerServer " error.
- when grpc is changed to "grpcs" without the tlscacertificate, we see "PEM encoded .... needed"
- when grpcs and certificate file path (under tlsCACerts -> "path") or the certificate content is included (under tlsCACerts> "pem field)", we get the following error from the client side: 
Error: Unable to initialize channel. Attempted to contact 2 Peers. Last error was Error: 14 UNAVAILABLE: TCP Read failed
Can't see any logs on the fabric side, so not sure if the query is even reaching the HLF.

Let me know if you have any pointers/ideas to resolve this issue. I can provide more information if required.


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