Criticial: Admin Certificate expired in Fabric production network V1.4. Lockout situation. #fabric #fabric-ca #tls #hyperledger-fabric


We have a production blockchain network using  Fabric 1.4.0. Recently we came to know that all the org admin certs expired. We were trying to update the network to replace the admin certificate with new ceritifcate. We did this channel config update with old admin cert. But the network checks for signing identity expiry and rejects the channel config update by the old admin cert. We also looked for this kind of issue reported anywhere and then we encountered FAB-16141 where the same issue has been reported. Based on the comments in that issue, I understood that the Fabric has been updated in v2.0 to allow to replace admin cert even if it is expired and the same has been backported to v1.4.X. As our current network is set up with 1.4.0, we upgraded it to 1.4.6 belivieing this had fix for this. But this did not work and we still have the same issue. The chaincode transactions are going throught but we can't perfrom administrative operations using this expired admin cert. we are in a lockout situation and we don't know how to get out of this. We really need immediate help here to address this issue. Our company is part of Hyperledger consoritum. As Fabric 1.4 provides LTS, I'm asking for help here. Please let me know if this is not the right place to ask and if I've to go to different forum to get immediate attention and remedy for this issue.  

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