Error in Commercial Paper Example

Trevor Lee Oakley <trevor@...>

The first part works, then the final commit fails (page 202 of the Fabric 2.0 manual) - 
 peer lifecycle chaincode commit -o localhost:7050 --ordererTLSHostnameOverride --peerAddresses localhost:7051 --tlsRootCertFiles ${PEER0_ORG1_CA} --peerAddresses localhost:9051 --tlsRootCertFiles ${PEER0_ORG2_CA} --channelID mychannel --name papercontract -v 0 --sequence 1 --tls --cafile $ORDERER_CA --waitForEvent
Error: proposal failed with status: 500 - failed to invoke backing implementation of 'CommitChaincodeDefinition': chaincode definition not agreed to by this org (Org1MSP)
I tried switching to Digibank, sourcing the file for that Org and the same error. It seems related to the definition but that was approved. 
:~/fabric-samples/commercial-paper/organization/magnetocorp$ peer lifecycle chaincode queryinstalled
Installed chaincodes on peer:
Package ID: cp_0:71f681bb6359681f7bcde58ce3521cd49364409668e361b90255496a0be31bc6, Label: cp_0
What am I missing?

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