Hi all, 

My setup has two peer orgs and one orderer org. I am trying to commit a chaincode after getting approvals from two orgs. But the commit fails due to endorsement policy failure. I have gone through the logs. All the policies were successfully satisfied except Endorsement policy. 

When checking for endorsement policy, the logs doesn't seem to check(Verify/validate) the signature sets as it does for other policy evaluations. I could not pinpoint where the problem is.  In the log file, at line # 1082 the evaluation of endorsement policy starts. 

Peer logs are available:

Final response for commit command: 
2020-02-20 12:05:39.815 UTC [chaincodeCmd] ClientWait -> INFO 04d txid [b5ce0e998412af7237dcb12962272ab3e9b02745db599720a8af217901ebd3ba] committed with status (ENDORSEMENT_POLICY_FAILURE) at peer1-org1.inuit.local:7051
2020-02-20 12:05:39.848 UTC [chaincodeCmd] ClientWait -> INFO 04e txid [b5ce0e998412af7237dcb12962272ab3e9b02745db599720a8af217901ebd3ba] committed with status (ENDORSEMENT_POLICY_FAILURE) at peer1-org2.inuit.local:7051
Error: transaction invalidated with status (ENDORSEMENT_POLICY_FAILURE)

Could anyone shed some light on this issue?  Thanks in advance.

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