Re: registeruser.js - 1.4 v 2.0

Trevor Lee Oakley <trevor@...>

I did more checks and it looks like fabric-ca-client was used before and now a Gateway is used. It also looks like getClient does not work with the instance of Gateway. This looks like a coding error unless the fabcar install has the wrong versions for the require('fabric-network').
I am unclear how this got to this level and somehow the docs need changing, a coding change, or a change in the install.

From: "Trevor Lee Oakley" <trevor@...>
Sent: 18 February 2020 01:41
To: fabric@...
Subject: [Hyperledger Fabric] registeruser.js - 1.4 v 2.0
I email yesterday about an error in 2.0 and registeruser. I understand it is now under peer review. What is the recommended course of action to register a user in 2.0?
I checked 1.4 and saw the code is very different for registeruser. Can anyone explain why registeruser changed so much? I was thinking of using the 1.4 registeruser.js but I am unclear whether that would actually register the user and for the user to have all the required access.
Trevor Oakley 

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