Re: Proposal : Hyperledger Fabric block archiving

nekia <atsushin@...>


I figured out that it's quite difficult to estimate maximum size in advance to align metadata size on each orderer. So we've decided to change to handle archive data at block level, not at blockfile level. By managing archived data at block level, we can avoid the following issues:
  • The layout of blockfile with same suffix is not always identical among peers in an organization
  • Because of this variance of the layout, each peer can't get access to archived data by using original block location info recorded in block index DB
I've put together overview of the new approach in the following slide.
HLF Block Archiving - Google Slides

In the feedbacks we got in this thread, implementing separately from fabric core has been mentioned several times. We have not been able to offer this feature as a pluggable module for ledger layer of fabric so far. One of the main reasons of it is that we need to hook the local file access when reading block data from local file system.

Do you think this project can compensate or coexist the functionality offered by 'ledger checkpoint and pruning' feature which is planned to be added to v2.x?


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