How to error check for wrong Admin MSP certificate on network #fabric #docker #fabric-ca

Niklas Krohn

Hi all, 

I have the most simple fabric-network, and wanted to make a simple channel-config update of the batchsize (

Everything is fine, until I want to post the modified config to the orderer/network, then I receive the following error inside CLI container, as peer0.org1 adm: 

Orderer log:

So according to google-searches, I found this topic which states that there migth be two possible reasons (
the MSP ID that was passed as a parameter with the request was not recognized by the ordering service
If you are updating an application channel, this error could occur if your organization is not yet a member of the channel you are trying to update

The Org1 is indeed part of the channel already, as it created and joined the channel with the bootstrap: 

So then I expect the issue to be a mismatch between MSP-ID somewhere. The topic of certificates are somewhat new to me, can anybody guide me in direction of error checking this myself, which files should I compare to see what MSP-file is wrong?

This is the cert-file inside the CLI container for peer0.org1 admin: 

This is the Admin-file on the host machine: 

CA-related info for Org1: 

This is the policy settings inside the channel-config block: 

Thanks for any input that can help me compare the rigth certificates, to spot the wrong one and why it is wrong. 

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