Re: Performance Improvement: Max number of assets and max size of payload in single Transaction?

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The number of assets in a single transaction depends on several factors, e.g., the key-value size.

Putting many large data in one transaction may consume heavy CPU and memory at the peer, and hang other operations for a long time.

And large blocks are not efficient to distribute in the network.

This is a typical high-performance scenario, and assigning more hardware resource can accelerate the process.

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The maximum payload is ~100MB.  This is actually set at the transport protocol level and is not configurable.
Given there is some additional overhead included in the Fabric protocol layer, you are looking at a max payload in terms of your keys/value of ~90MB (to be on the safe side).

I'll assume that your chaincode is designed to insert multiple asset records for a single invoke.

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Hello Experts,

I have some concerns about number of assets and size of the payload in a single transaction.

1)  How big payload in terms of size, we can add in a single transaction in Hyperledger Fabric. I have millions of assets, ingesting into Fabric network. Maximum assets(Key-Value) can be added into the single transaction are 1000(Correct if I am wrong). Can we customize this number, so that a high number of an asset can be added in a single transaction?

2) What is an efficient way to trigger a huge number of assets into the network?

Currently, I could add only 100 assets in a single transaction.

I am trying to improve performance in terms of TPS and latency. I have already added necessary indexes and composite key (Couch DB)

Thank you.
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