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Brett T Logan <brett.t.logan@...>

Part of the chaincode instantiation process is to compile the JAR, this isn't something you can hijack in 1.4.x without modifying the source code. Fabric v2.0 (which released last week) provides a framework for configuring and running chaincode however you want:
And, if you want to debug your chaincode containers you can forward their standard output to the peer container where you can grep the log for the chaincodes output. You can enable this by setting CORE_VM_DOCKER_ATTACHSTDOUT=true in your peer launch environment, but note, this is not meant for production purposes as it can leak sensitive information into the peer logs from broken or malicious code.
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Every time when i initiate the chaincode , it take time to build the jar. To skip this process for multiple times and to learn the flow of hyperledger CC flow, i am customizing the image.

Usually capturing the docker logs of the chaincode really helps in cases like this. - CC container get killed automatically. Is there is some way how i can capture the logs?

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