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You really should use a different status for deferred feature requests than "Closed", because "decided not to implement this ever" is a closer inference from "Closed" than "maybe someday".  Jira is depended upon as a future-feature-request tool by lots of other projects and asking people to know it's differently treated at Fabric is another cognitive burden to new contributors.  At the very least I suggest updating FAB-33 with a link to new work.


On 2/3/20 7:44 AM, Jason Yellick wrote:
I've seen some similar confusion to this on Rocketchat as well.

FAB-33 was closed along with hundreds of other items in an overall cleanup of JIRA.  Its closure does not indicate any mothballing or abandonment of BFT efforts, in fact, there's been considerably more activity in the space in the recent months; particularly there are some ongoing efforts to develop a golang BFT consensus library that is compatible with Fabric.

JIRA can be a good tool for tracking the progress of a designed, approved, and mid-implementation item, but it's the wrong place to look for future work.  Future work is to be submitted and approved as an RFC so I would watch that space for updates.

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We are leading a standardization effort within to utilize blockchain for securing the distributed power grid in the US.

Fabric could be a good candidate for this effort but we need BFT in the orderer nodes.  It looks like this effort has been mothballed to an extent:

What are the options for revitalizing this effort?

Wivity Inc.


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