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Matthew White

Hello - my best guess would be that the chaincode is failing to call back to the peer to 'register'. 
Usually capturing the docker logs of the chaincode really helps in cases like this. 
Can I ask what your requirement is to customize the docker image? Just curious!
Regards, Matthew.
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I have created the customized image from hyperledger/fabric-javaenv:amd64-1.4.4. and used as CORE_CHAINCODE_JAVA_RUNTIME=sanjaykumar3989/myenv:amd64-1.4.4.

In this new image i am replacing and start file in location  /root/chaincode-java/. 
The is running successfully as my jar is building but after that it exit with below msg:
Error: could not assemble transaction, err proposal response was not successful, error code 500, msg chaincode registration failed: container exited with 1
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