Re: anyone able to iterate over records using getStateByRange?

Matthew White

Will need to double check, but as a workaround for an unbounded range try this as the end key
const MAX_UNICODE_RUNE_VALUE = '\u{10ffff}';
Though such an unbounded range could potentially give you a lot data; worth looking at the pagination variants especially if there's any doubt about the size of data that might come back 
Regards, Matthew.
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Hyperledger Fabric] anyone able to iterate over records using getStateByRange?
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this method:
Note that startKey and endKey can be empty string, which implies unbounded range query on start or end.
is supposed to enable enumerating records in the database but when we tried it, it did not work. e.g.:
public async getAssets(ctx: Context): Promise<Asset[]> {
        const assets: Asset[] = [];
        const results = await ctx.stub.getStateByRange('', '');
        while (true) {
            let item = await;
            if (item.done) {
            } else {
                let buffer = item.value.getValue();
                let asset = JSON.parse(buffer.buffer.toString()) as Asset;     // buffer.buffer returns many records not just once and the JSON.parse will fail           
        await results.close();
        return assets;
SyntaxError: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 1
"[object ArrayBuffer]"
has anyone been able to use this method successfully?
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