What if your friend is abroad and you're calling his office phone, and he configured his office phone to redirect the call to his cellphone?

The listen address is the address the peer binds its socket. It can be for instance.

The peer address is an address that the peer publishes to other peers in its organization via gossip.

Imagine that you have a VM and inside the VM you have a docker container that runs the peer.
The address of the docker container is so you'd want to bind to this address.

However, other peers cannot reach your docker container via this address, and they need to use the VM's IP which can be like

So you'd want to configure your peer address to be the VM's external address and have a port forwarding rule.

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from the docs w.r.t. CORE_PEER_ADDRESS it is said that this represents the endpoint to other peers in the same organization.

and CORE_PEER_LISTENADDRESS is The Address at local network interface this Peer will listen on.

So why would anyone want to set these two differently? If my friend's actual phone number is 123-456-7890 (the CORE_PEER_LISTENADDRESS) and the number I have in my phone book is 234-567-8901 (the CORE_PEER_ADDRESS) then there is bound to be a problem when I try to call my friend. So why does Fabric open up this possibility?

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