Re: Is HLF a DLT or a blockchain?

Brian Behlendorf <bbehlendorf@...>

Let's not get too hung up on terminology in such a charged environment. Don't take this as an "official statement".

Yes, Fabric's underlying data structure involves a string of blocks, chained together, cryptographically signed and linked, and similar in spirit (if not exact approach) to Satoshi's use of the term in the Bitcoin white paper. Some would say you can't even whisper Satoshi's name let alone use the term "blockchain" without bowing down at the alter of Proof of Work, but I think most feel that ship has sailed.

Yes, it would also not in inaccurate to describe the resulting system you build with Fabric as a "distributed ledger", distributed amongst the peers on the system (more precisely, on the same channel), with referential integrity and transactional characteristics worthy of the accounting term "ledger".

Now it might be a good idea to make sure Fabric docs use the terms consistently, just for clarity's sake.  But one can use both terms around Fabric without conflict.


On 1/24/20 7:45 PM, Trevor Lee Oakley wrote:
I see conflicting references to this. The docs refer to a DLT and also a blockchain. In 4.5.1 of the docs it states it is a blockchain but in other parts it states it is a DLT. I have seen countless references to both. 
Is there any official statement from the Linux Foundation about this?

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