Hyperledger Nexus Repository Sunset

Brett T Logan <brett.t.logan@...>

As we close out the migration of Hyperledger Fabric and its supporting projects off of Gerrit and Jenkins to GitHub and Azure Pipeline's, our final task was to retire the use of Nexus for serving non-release artifacts. We are replacing the self-hosted Nexus repo with an enterprise Artifactory instance hosted by JFrog.
With the migration to Artifactory complete the Linux Foundation will sunset nexus.hyperledger.org and nexus3.hyperledger.org effective FEBRUARY 1st
While the community should be largely unaffected by this change as the artifacts are mostly used in CI, there are a few pieces of chaincode that consume Maven libraries from Nexus that we modified to now pull from Artifactory in Fabric-Samples. If you are running Java chaincode from the Fabric-Samples repository that you cloned prior to January 20th, you should update your POM.xml or build.gradle files to point to https://hyperledger.jfrog.io/hyperledger/fabric-maven instead of Nexus, or reclone the Fabric-Samples repository.
As of today, we have also retired the Hyperledger Jenkins server and the Hyperledger Gerrit server.
Thank you,
Brett Logan
Software Engineer, IBM Blockchain
Phone: 1-984-242-6890

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