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David Enyeart

From the Fabric docs:

"If you want to build a dashboard or collect aggregate data as part of your application, you can query an off-chain database that replicates the data from your blockchain network. This will allow you to query and analyze the blockchain data in a data store optimized for your needs, without degrading the performance of your network or disrupting transactions. To achieve this, applications may use block or chaincode events to write transaction data to an off-chain database or analytics engine. For each block received, the block listener application would iterate through the block transactions and build a data store using the key/value writes from each valid transaction’s rwset. The Peer channel-based event services provide replayable events to ensure the integrity of downstream data stores."

Related tutorial and sample:

Dave Enyeart

"Shabana Basharat via Lists.Hyperledger.Org" ---01/22/2020 11:34:48 PM---Hi everyone, "Blockchain and Machine learning Integration" is the hot topic today. can we integrate

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Hi everyone,
"Blockchain and Machine learning Integration" is the hot topic today. can we integrate machine learning libraries in fabric ??? can we deploy machine model inside chain code? As we all know fabric supports three languages and machine learning is mostly deployed in python so how we can integrate ??? what about data sets of assets on which we want to predict something ,how we can achieve?
I need guidance and discussion on this topic please elaborate .


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