Re: Which languages are supported for chaincode? Contradictory docs

Parthiban Selvaraj

Hi Trevor,

At present fabric supports GO, JAVA and all JavaScript frameworks (typescript, JavaScript and node.js) as a chaincode language. Following SDKs are officially supported JAVA and Node.js. GO and Python SDKs are also supported unofficially.

Fabric platform was built in such way that it can take any general purpose programming language as it is chaincode programming languages.  Issue with general purpose programming languages are the Non-deterministic nature. With help of fabric architecture (execute - order - validate) we can avoid them. 

Thanks and Regards
Parthiban Selvaraj

On Mon, 20 Jan, 2020, 10:58 AM Trevor Lee Oakley, <trevor@...> wrote:
What languages are supported for chaincode and also SDK implementations?
I saw the online docs state just Java and Nodejs are supported. The pdf states - 
Chaincode can be implemented in several programming languages. Currently, Go and Node are supported.

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