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Brian Behlendorf <bbehlendorf@...>

Can you work on a PR for the feature? That's the fastest way to get it in, if the Fab maintainers are open to adding minor new features in the 1.4 branch.


On January 17, 2020 10:12:57 PM GMT+08:00, "Nicholas Leonardi via Lists.Hyperledger.Org" <> wrote:
I see. 
I think this should be prioritized ASAP on the next 1.4.5 update because many business models require this already. As is in my case and
I'm sure many others are also depending on this feature for efficiency. 

Em sexta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2020 11:09:09 BRT, David Enyeart <enyeart@...> escreveu:

Unfortunately it still has to be managed in chaincode. The requirement for channel readers to be able to call read-only chaincode functions has been open for a long time, see and its duplicates. I think it is time to prioritize this on the roadmap. What do others think?

Dave Enyeart

"Nicholas Leonardi via Lists.Hyperledger.Org" ---01/17/2020 08:36:00 AM---Hey, I'm trying to achieve an organization to be read-only (query-only) in a channel. Is that possib

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Date: 01/17/2020 08:36 AM
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I'm trying to achieve an organization to be read-only (query-only) in a channel. Is that possible?
I've been researching on different ACLs but since a "peer chaincode query" is a proposal because
it needs to verify the authenticity of the data with other peers, I haven't been able to map out how
to do it.
I know it's possible in chaincode level but I needed it to be channel application-level. If anyone
has any idea please let me know.
Thanks in advance.


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