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what will be the solution to this? is there an inbuilt logic for this kind of privacy?

Consider a bidding platform of 4 organizations where org1 publishes an item and org 2,3 and 4 bid for it(in dollars). 
and then there is a chaincode that checks the bids and compare them and declares the winner bidder (one with the highest bid) to make the platform decentralized we make all the three organizations as endorser peers so that each peer is able to see what others have bid.

the problem is that: in a particular scenario being an endorser peer org2 can see the bid of org3 and then increase it’s bid accordingly

what can I do to make the platform decentralized while avoiding this scenario and keeping the system realtime(<50ms)? something like: the organizations are only able to see each others bids only after the winner is 

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