Re: How to achieve channels isolation on RAFT orderers?

Mr.Phuwanai Thummavet

The easiest way to do is to use two private data collection, first is A-B collection and second is B-C collection. This way, all the three orgs can join the same channel or different channels with the private collections without concerning about the orderer nodes at all.

With the private collection, each data collection will only be disseminated p2p to only authorized orgs and the private data will not be passed through any orderer node like the way the public data transactions are performed.

On Thu, 9 Jan 2020, 22:44 Aleksandr Kochetkov, <aleksandr.kochetkov@...> wrote:

3 parties, each have a peer and orderer:

peer.a, orderer.a, peer.b, orederer.b, peer.c, orderer.c

Orderers operating in Raft mode.

2 channels exists A-B, B-C.

Goal is to isolate data flow, so organization C don’t have any access to channel A-B, same for A and channel B-C.

Is it possible to configure orderers in such manner, that orderer.c will not receive and store blocks from channel A-B, and respectively orderer.a from B-C?


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