JIRA Cleanup

Matthew Sykes

As part of our v2 shutdown (and my own new year resolution to be better about doing my chores), we'll be doing some work to close out old JIRA work items.

Over the next few days, open items that have not had a meaningful update in more than 9 months will be tagged with a 'stale-item' label. One week after that process has completed, any open items with that label will be closed out.

If a JIRA item you are interested in gets tagged and you want to stop it from being closed, please comment on the issue with information about why it is still relevant and remove the tag. This will indicate further discussion is warranted and we will defer closing the item pending that discussion.

Since the issues are simply being closed and not deleted, if something falls through the crack, we can always reopen as necessary.


Matthew Sykes

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