User Group Recording: Implementing Enterprise Distributed Apps with HLF

Lauren Fournier

A new video is available from the Hyperledger Kansas City User Group December meeting.

Video Topic: Where Hyperledger Blockchains Fit Into Enterprise Development // Accessing and Implementing Distributed Apps (DApps) with Hyperledger Fabric 

Abstract: Speaker David Pitt discusses where he feels the Hyperledger blockchain fits into modern business applications and how they can be architected. He gives an overview of Hyperledger Fabric and shows how it can be used to benefit enterprise due to its tamper-proof and distributed nature. David also introduces an open-source reference blockchain with a real healthcare use case applicable to global data sharing, Byzantine Flu.

This one-hour talk can be split into two parts - part one is the presentation and reference blockchain overview, part two has Q&A with user group attendees to ensure understanding of presented concepts.

View the video on Youtube here -

We hope that you find the video helpful. Posted with permission.

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