Re: some question about fabric

Jay Guo


an orderer store *all* blocks of _channels it participates in_ (in
case of Raft), or _all channels_ (in case of Kafka). I don't think the
second point in your statement is accurate. Could you point me to the
original post? thx

- J

On Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 5:34 PM shijian fu <wentingyear@...> wrote:

Hi, our program group have used fabric for about 8 months. And there are some questions unsolved until now.
here is the question list:
1. Would orderer node store all the block of a channel when there is only one channel and without using any private data? Or the orderer node just need to store the newest N block of a channel?
2. I have read some post in stack overflow which indicated that a peer 'A' from one organization will pull blocks from peers from other organizations when peer 'A' pull those blocks which are "missing"(not include private data) in orderer.
In which condition would blocks missing in orderer?

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