Re: Performance Difference bet RAFT Orderer and Orderer with Kafka(Latency, Throughput, TPS)

Baohua Yang

Hi pavan

How many kafka nodes are you using?  And is it in the same VMWARE with OSN? 

Would expect the CPU utilization is different here,  the kafka one is higher? 

On Dec 28, 2019, at 20:52, Adhav Pavan <adhavpavan@...> wrote:

Hello Experts,

Did anyone compare performance(Latency, Throughput, TPS) between orderer with Kafka and RAFT Orderer?

I could see here a considerable difference in terms of latency, throughput, and TPS.

I tried with the same setup with the same resource configuration on two different VM(the Only difference is the orderer system).

Note: Used Single orderer in both networks.
Fabric Version: 1.4.4

Orderer with Kafka is more efficient than RAFT. 
I am using the default configuration for RAFT and Kafka

I tried with load generator at the rate of 100tps
WIth Kafka all parameters are fine(latency 0.3 to 2 Seconds) whereas using RAFT, latency is gradually increasing up to 10+ Seconds, the tx failure rate is also high.

What could be the reason for this considerable difference in terms of TPS, throughput, and latency?

Please correct If I am doing something wrong.

Thank you so much.

Heartfelt Regards,
Pavan Adhav

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