Performance Difference bet RAFT Orderer and Orderer with Kafka(Latency, Throughput, TPS)

Adhav Pavan

Hello Experts,

Did anyone compare performance(Latency, Throughput, TPS) between orderer with Kafka and RAFT Orderer?

I could see here a considerable difference in terms of latency, throughput, and TPS.

I tried with the same setup with the same resource configuration on two different VM(the Only difference is the orderer system).

Note: Used Single orderer in both networks.
Fabric Version: 1.4.4

Orderer with Kafka is more efficient than RAFT. 
I am using the default configuration for RAFT and Kafka

I tried with load generator at the rate of 100tps
WIth Kafka all parameters are fine(latency 0.3 to 2 Seconds) whereas using RAFT, latency is gradually increasing up to 10+ Seconds, the tx failure rate is also high.

What could be the reason for this considerable difference in terms of TPS, throughput, and latency?

Please correct If I am doing something wrong.

Thank you so much.

Heartfelt Regards,
Pavan Adhav

Blockchain Developer
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