Re: Proposal : Hyperledger Fabric block archiving

nekia <atsushin@...>

Hi Manish,

[FAB-14872] Deprecate the old consenter metadata storage location and prefer the metadata stored in the block signature. - Hyperledger JIRA

I found the above change for v2.0.0. In my understanding, the concenter signature field of metadata is obsoleted and the block metadata is shared across orderers under the network enabled Raft. After applying this change, will it be still happened the following case? If so, could you please give us any detail of such a situation (ex. how to create the situation)? We'd like to know what kind of configuration brings the situation for evaluating our solution.

the size of a given block may vary slightly on each peer. Though the header and the data section of a blocks are of same size across peers but this difference in overall size could be caused by the metadata section which contains concenter signatures. In addition, on some of the peers, the metadata may also include block commit hash as an additional data.

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