Re: Who are using Fabric for for global trade?

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Hi Don,

There are two SIGs that you may be interested in for answers to this, one for Trade Finance and another for Supply Chain kinds of projects.  These are not as technical as the developer mailing lists, but they do discuss use cases and deployments.

I also will note that many of the major trade dinance and supply chain projects out there - from We.Trade to Tradelens to the Food Trust Network, to the Everledger diamond ledger, Circulor's tantalum traceability network, Honeywell with parts for planes, etc - are using Fabric.

It's often a challenge to get folks to talk about the internal details of their network publicly, and we're trying to encourage them by putting together case studies on the Hyperledger web site that might be useful for you to peruse.


On 12/12/19 7:01 AM, Don Li wrote:

I'm curious to know who (major corporations, global economic entities or even startups) or if any on the list are using Hyperledger Fabric for global trade for efficiency or other benefits?
Just fyi, I studied international trade when in college.



(Don) Chunshen Li
Virginia, US

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