Peer instantiation error #fabric #fabric-sdk-node


I am using fabric 1.4 with raft configuration. create channel, join channel, update anchor peers and install chaincode worked fine but facing this issue when trying to instantiate chaincode:

NodeJS logs:
(node:1463) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Failed to instantiate the chaincode. cause:Error: instantiate proposal resulted in an error :: Error: failed to execute transaction 53450a9bb88694d82ab6c04f201f5016eecaf59140717d5ad2c4b4ba6710d48c: error sending: timeout expired while executing transaction

Blockchain logs:
Peer isn't eligible for channel mychannel : implicit policy evaluation failed - 0 sub-policies were satisfied, but this policy requires 1 of the 'Readers' sub-policies to be satisfied    |    | /opt/gopath/src/    |*stateInfoCache).Add    | /opt/gopath/src/    |*gossipChannel).handleStateInfSnapshot    | /opt/gopath/src/    |*gossipChannel).HandleMessage    | /opt/gopath/src/    |*gossipServiceImpl).handleMessage    | /opt/gopath/src/    |*gossipServiceImpl).acceptMessages    | /opt/gopath/src/    | runtime.goexit    | /opt/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1337

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