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As it says in the Kafka to Migration doc:
While in maintenance mode, normal transactions, config updates unrelated to migration, and Deliver requests from the peers used to retrieve new blocks are rejected. This is done in order to prevent the need to both backup, and if necessary restore, peers during migration, as they only receive updates once migration has successfully completed. In other words, we want to keep the ordering service backup point, which is the next step, ahead of the peer’s ledger, in order to be able to perform rollback if needed. However, ordering node admins can issue Deliver requests (which they need to be able to do in order to continue the migration process).
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Hyperledger Fabric] Enabling channel Capabilities for existing network
Date: Fri, Dec 6, 2019 12:00 AM
Hello There,
I have a running network with version(1.4.0),  and Network has no channel capabilities defined.
I want to migrate network to RAFT, can I add channel capabilities in configuration block?
Tried with state change in configuration block from NORMAL to MAINTENANCE getting following error
Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- config update for existing channel did not pass maintenance checks: config transaction inspection failed: next config attempted to change ConsensusType.State to STATE_MAINTENANCE, but capability is disabled
Let me know if additional information required.
Thank you.

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