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Christopher Ferris

I think that it is important not to conflate things. There's a request to add two maintainers who's role will be
to help manage the Fabric documentation. I think that should be handled independent of any discussion of repository disposition.
Let's please address the two PRs for Chris and Joe independent of this broader discussion.

The generated documentation *should be* generated from the source code, and should most certainly NOT be
segregated to another repository. The authored documentation, written by humans has for the most part been
developed by a mostly disjoint set of people than those who author the code. Now, it would certainly
be nice to ensure that the code and the documentation were kept in lock-step, and even managed such that the code and doc
(and tests) were all committed as a unit; but that has almost never been the case, and it is rare to see it in practice.

There's a different skill set in developing good documentation than there is in writing good code. Both types of skills are important
to a successful project, and especially to one as significant as Fabric. I don't see a problem in having the authored content
managed in a separate repository.

Another factor is that we wanted to integrate the i18n translations and associated workflow that us currently managed
as a Hyperledger Lab process to formally incorporate it into the same repository as we manage the english source
for the documentation. We had previously discussed reconsidering that when we had separated the docs from the
core Fabric repo, as Dave had suggested. I do think that we need to revisit all of that now that we are finally over on GH.


On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 9:45 AM Christopher Ferris via Lists.Hyperledger.Org <> wrote:

I agree that these would be two good additions to the docs maintainership. I approve.


On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 5:26 PM Pam Andrejko <pama@...> wrote:


I would like to nominate two new Documentation maintainers for the Hyperledger Fabric project. They are Chris Gabriel (Hyperchain Labs) and Joe Alewine (IBM).

Chris has been an instrumental member of the Documentation community workgroup for several years now. In addition to being a regular content reviewer and contributor, he is a consumer of Fabric in his own Hyperchain Labs business that he founded. The insights, perspective, and content that he's provided based on his experience have been invaluable to the documentation work group and Fabric community as a whole.

Joe has been providing important Fabric documentation for over two and half years, is recognized as an expert on the ordering service, the Fabric upgrade process and channel capabilities, and was recently recognized as a Hyperledger significant contributor.

Adding two more Documentation Maintainers will greatly facilitate the addition and approval of Fabric documentation content going forward.

I have opened a separate PR for each nomination:

Chris Gabriel -
Joe Alewine -

I'm requesting that existing maintainers review the nominations and indicate whether they agree with a comment in the PR. Other’s are welcome to provide their input.

Warm regards,
Pam Andrejko

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